Full Spectrum worker and customer

Who We Are

Personal Home Care Services, Rehabilitation Services, and More

Full Spectrum Health Services (FSHS) offers exemplary care from passionate health care professionals. Our technical experts and program staff have decades of hands-on home health, public health and occupational expertise. We have extensive experience developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects across the globe.

At FSHS, our focus is on building a strong network of care for our patients. We collaborate with physicians and other health care providers to cater to all your home health care needs. We work with clients, partners and collaborators in philanthropy, all areas of government, corporations, and non-governmental international and local organizations.

The FSHS team has a combined 70 years of experience in the healthcare field. Our dependable team is committed to providing world-class, high quality, client-specific, culturally relevant, affordable and sustainable public health services. We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, and ready to partner with you on your health care journey.

What Makes Us Different

Full Spectrum Health Services was founded by people who have widely diverse backgrounds and skills, creating a well-rounded, holistic approach to home health services.

Full Spectrum Health Services (FSHS) LLC is a minority-owned small business that provides supportive home care.

Do you screen Full Spectrum Health Service providers?

Yes. Service providers are rigorously screened for criminal background, personal and professional references, previous employment and driving history (for applicable roles.) We also complete individual face-to-face interviews with each provider.

What is Full Spectrum Health Services process for training service providers?

Our service providers participate in continuous professional development. Our training focuses on providing individualized service for each customer to ensure we meet your unique needs. We train our care providers on universal safety protocols, food and health, diversity and inclusion, and other key topics. Our training team includes registered nurses (RN) and professionals who possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN.) All of our trainers are certified by the State of Wisconsin to train service providers employed in assisted living settings. The leadership team at FSHS guarantees that our service providers complete the necessary training to give our customers the quality service they deserve.