Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request services from Full Spectrum Health Services (FSHS)?

Initially, Full Spectrum Health Services will complete a free consultation to determine necessary services and address your questions and concerns. If you decide to move forward with us, we will partner with you to create the service plan that fits your needs.

Do you screen Full Spectrum Health Service providers?

Yes. Service providers are rigorously screened for criminal background, personal and professional references, previous employment and driving history (for applicable roles.) We also complete individual face-to-face interviews with each provider.

What qualities does Full Spectrum Health Services (FSHS) prioritize when hiring service providers?

Full Spectrum Health Services hires qualified service providers who are truthful, personable, compassionate, reliable, patient, and can genuinely connect with our customers.

What is Full Spectrum Health Services process for training service providers?

Our service providers participate in continuous professional development. Our training focuses on providing individualized service for each customer to ensure we meet your unique needs. We train our care providers on universal safety protocols, food and health, diversity and inclusion, and other key topics. Our training team includes registered nurses (RN) and professionals who possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN.) All of our trainers are certified by the State of Wisconsin to train service providers employed in assisted living settings. The leadership team at FSHS guarantees that our service providers complete the necessary training to give our customers the quality service they deserve.

What if my service provider is not a good fit for me?

Please let us know! We want to provide our customers the highest level of individualized service possible. We will work with you to find a new service provider who is a better fit.

What is the FSHS service area?

Full Spectrum Health Services provides care for customers in Madison and the greater Dane County area.

Can I use my Medicaid or Medicare coverage for your services?

Generally, our services are covered by Medicaid. Service eligibility is determined by federal and state requirements. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover custodial care for in-home services or assisted living settings.

How can I pay for FSHS services?

We accept monetary and credit card payments. Also, several extended-care policies will cover cost for some services (please discuss coverage requirements with your policy provider.) Worker’s compensation benefits may also be eligible. Some grants, including the Social Services Block Grant, may also cover the cost of service.

When are your service providers available?

FSHS service providers aim to assist clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work with our clients to determine individual care needs and attach service providers with the best flexible schedule to accommodate our clients.

Are holidays included?

FSHS does charge an additional fee for certain holidays. Please contact us for rates and applicable holidays.

How can I contact FSHS after hours?

Please feel free to leave a message for office at (608) 237-3550 or in case of urgency where you cannot wait until the next business day, please call (608) 513-6341 after hours.

When can FSHS begin providing me with service?

Sometimes can start providing you with care immediately. However, most customers typically have a service provider in about a week.

What if I need to discontinue my care?

We ask that you provide FSHS with a one to two-week notice if you wish to discontinue or cancel service. Please contact our office for more information.

If my service provider is not able to provide me care, what should I do?

FSHS has other service providers available in case of emergencies or if your regular service provider is unavailable.